Do Pain Creams Really Work?

  Yes! A Cochrane review found that about 60 percent of patients achieved at least 50 percent improvement in pain with topical NSAIDs.   One of the active ingredients in our customized Soothe treatment is Diclofenac (4%). Research demonstrates that it can provide relief for acute musculoskeletal ... continue reading

Is it safe to get my pain treated online?

Yes, in most cases. Soothe screens for red flags that would prevent us from being able to treat you through telemedicine, such as a history of malignancies. Soothe-affiliated physicians are all licensed, experienced healthcare providers, and they will monitor your treatment program carefully and ... continue reading

Does Soothe prescribe opioids or other controlled substances?

Never. Soothe treatment protocols are based on research-supported conservative care principles, and we only prescribe safe non-opioid medications. continue reading

What medications do physicians on the Soothe platform prescribe?

Soothe physicians prescribe a customized treatment based on your medical intake form. A medical provider will put together a customized treatment consisting of any of the following ingredients: Lidocaine (2%), Diclofenac (5%), Baclofen (2%), and Doxepin (5%) continue reading

How does Soothe treat my pain?

Soothe uses safe, effective telemedicine technologies to treat your pain. We collect critical information from your dynamic onboarding to make an initial assessment on whether it’s feasible to consider treating you online. If it is, a Soothe-affiliated physician will reach out to you with a follo... continue reading