Cost & Pricing

Is shipping free?

Yes! Shipping is completely free, and most orders will arrive within five days of order placement. continue reading

Can I return my order?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns. However, if you feel we have made a mistake in the filling of your order, please let us know at continue reading

When will I receive my medication?

If you purchase your medication through us, in most cases you’ll receive it by mail within five days. continue reading

How much does my medication cost?

Your medication, including any refills or prescription changes, is already included in your regular monthly plan at no additional charge. continue reading

How do I cancel or stop my treatment program?

You can switch or cancel your plan at any time. Drop us a note at and one of our team members will cancel or modify your plan. You can also text “Stop Soothe” to (619) 345-5276.  continue reading

Can I use HSA/FSA to cover my Soothe subscription?

Yes, you can use your FSA or HSA. continue reading

Is Soothe covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, Soothe is not covered by insurance. We are a cash-pay concierge service. continue reading

How much does Soothe cost?

Appointments with back specialists, pain management doctors, and physiatrists (i.e. physical medicine and rehab doctors) are extremely expensive. $400+/hr.  With Soothe, you get a whole month's worth of all-inclusive, concierge medical care for $49.99. Our flat fee covers a comprehensive doctor c... continue reading