For providers

How do I become a practitioner on SkinDocNow?

If you are a board-certified dermatologist with a license to practice medicine, we encourage you to start your application process with our partners at RxDefine using the following link:  Once you apply, the team at RxDefine will reach out to you with the ... continue reading

How much can I earn working for SkinDocNow?

Working for SkinDocNow offers exciting earning potential for dermatologists. You can set your own hours, work from the convenience of your home, and see your existing patients through a telemedicine appointment. The service also operates on a direct-pay model. Patients pay for their consultations... continue reading

Do I need to practice telehealth before participating in SkinDocNow?

Experience in telehealth is encouraged but not required to participate in SkinDocNow. continue reading

What sort of training does SkinDocNow provide?

We've noticed that most telemedicine services don't always equip providers with the necessary resources to be successful. For this reason, SkinDocNow provides a robust onboarding process. This includes a concierge credentialing process, easy-to-follow technical training, and access to medical gui... continue reading

How do I receive support?

You can contact the provider support team for our partners at RxDefine at any time by emailing You can also call them, Monday through Friday, from 9am - 5pm PST by dialing 310-953-4308. continue reading