For patients

How much does a consultation cost?

SkinDocNow charges a patient a single telemedicine consultation fee to cover the service performed by the evaluating clinician. The consultation fee varies depending on the condition you are being evaluated for. We have found that a consultation using RxDefine costs significantly less than a vis... continue reading

What conditions can I be evaluated for?

Patients can be evaluated for the following conditions: Acne Aging (Fine Lines and Wrinkles) continue reading

How does the telemedicine visit work?

A board-certified dermatologist can help come up with a treatment plan for your concerns using RxDefine’s safe and effective telemedicine platform. To start, complete a medical questionnaire to help the clinician learn more about your overall health history. From there, the questionnaire will ask... continue reading

Can you forward my results to my primary care physician?

Of course! To arrange this request, please fill out the following release form from our partners at RxDefine, save, and send to Once this is complete, the patient support team will send the report to your provider. continue reading