How do I login?

Logging into RxDefine? Simply visit and enter your email and password to hop on.  continue reading

How do I verify my identity?

RxDefine verifies a patient’s identity during the consultation as a legal requirement so that clinicians know who they are treating. You can verify your identity in the personal information section of your consultation.For identity verification, we ask that you upload (1) a selfie image that clea... continue reading

My email verification isn't working

Are you experiencing issues verifying your email during your consultation? Below are some handy troubleshooting tips we’ve used to resolve some of these issues.I can’t find the email verification code If you are having trouble locating your email verification code, we encourage you to try the... continue reading

The platform says my email is “Invalid or does not exist”

If you are trying to login to your provider’s RxDefine portal, but are experiencing an “email address is invalid or does not exist” error, please ensure that you are observing the following: Make sure to downcase your email. For example, change to T... continue reading

Issues with photo uploads

Are you experiencing issues uploading a photo to your consultation? If you are, we encourage you to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome in order to complete the upload.  If you are using a mobile device, this may require downloading a different browser from the default Android Browser or iOS Saf... continue reading