Do I need a prescription to buy pharmaceuticals?

That's correct. An experienced clinician can help confirm that prescription medication is the right choice for your condition.  continue reading

How do I get in touch with my provider?

RxDefine makes it easy to contact the provider assigned to your consultation. Simply login to your provider’s RxDefine portal > navigate to Chats under the sidebar > and initiate a chat with the clinician. When the clinician replies, you will be notified of any responses by email notification. ... continue reading

Who provides care on the RxDefine platform?

RxDefine partners with experienced physicians, dermatologists, specialists, and nurse practitioners, to provide care. All clinicians are board-certified and trained on the latest standards for telemedicine. We encourage patients to learn more about the medical practitioner assigned to their consu... continue reading

How do I send my consultation report to my primary care provider?

RxDefine is happy to send a consultation report to your primary care provider. To arrange this request, please fill out the following release form, save and send the release form to Once this is complete, our support team will send the report to your provider. continue reading

Interested in becoming a provider on the RxDefine platform?

RxDefine offers a user-friendly and mobile-first interface that enables clinicians to generate supplemental income from consults outside of their brick & mortar practices. Using RxDefine will also enable you to provide safe and effective care to patients using telemedicine. You can sign up direct... continue reading


If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, we recommend that you visit a hospital for urgent care. It’s very important that you be seen promptly if you have any urgent medical concerns. If your medical issue is less urgent, we recommend that you contact your primary care provider and/or go to yo... continue reading