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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RxDefine?

RxDefine is a software company building and maintaining the RxDefine platform. We're a group of life scientists, doctors, former Google product/designers/engineers, technology professionals, and top investors teaming up to change the way healthcare gets delivered.  continue reading

How do I login?

Logging into RxDefine? Simply visit and enter your email and password to hop on.  continue reading

Do I need a prescription to buy pharmaceuticals?

That's correct. An experienced clinician can help confirm that prescription medication is the right choice for your condition.  continue reading

How do I get in touch with my provider?

RxDefine makes it easy to contact the provider assigned to your consultation. Simply login to your provider’s RxDefine portal > navigate to Chats under the sidebar > and initiate a chat with the clinician. When the clinician replies, you will be notified of any responses by email notification. ... continue reading

How do I view my consultation report?

Trying to view your consultation report? You can track the results of your consultation by visiting your provider’s RxDefine portal. From there, navigate to "View details" and view the Consultation Report. The consultation report will include the results of your consultation and any additional tr... continue reading

Can I use any pharmacy?

Yes. If you choose home delivery, our partner mail-order pharmacy will ship your medication to you for free. You can also use your own local pharmacy so long as they accept e-prescriptions. It's worth noting, however, that the price of the medication at your local pharmacy can oftentimes be more ... continue reading

When will my prescription get filled?

If prescribed, the prescribing clinician will send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.  Home delivery If you choose to fill your prescription with a mail-order pharmacy, the pharmacy will receive your prescription and make the necessary arrangements to ship the medicati... continue reading